5 Artists We Forgot We Loved

A few months ago, with the help of my parents, I made my first adult purchase: my brand new car (shoutout to Luigi, my Fiat 500x). I love my car, and there are so many great parts about it, but one of my favorites has to be Sirius Radio. And one of my favorite stations on Sirius? Pop2k. This station has reintroduced me to all the swoon worthy male musicians, bold females, and rocking bands that I forgot I loved when I was younger. So, for a blast from the past, here are the top 5 artists we have all forgot we loved (and were at times obsessed with).

  1. Ashlee Simpson. Also known as Jessica’s sister, Ashlee released her debut album, Autobiography, in 2004. Her first single “Pieces of Me” was an immediate hit among my friends and I. Since we’ve last seen her, Ashlee has been married twice and is a mom of 2. She married Pete Wentz (yes, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz) in early 2008 and gave birth to her son, Bronx, later that year. Ashlee and Pete split in 2011, but she found love again with Evan Ross (as in, son of Diana Ross). They married in 2014 and welcome a daughter, Jagger, a few months later.
  2. Ryan Cabrera. We can’t talk about Ashlee without mentioning one of her first love interests. Cabrera is known for his hit “On the Way Down” and it just so happens Ashlee starred in the music video. Since splitting with the younger Simpson sister, Ryan has released multiple singles and albums and toured with Tyler Hilton (a.k.a. Chris Keller from One Tree Hill). Not much is known about his personal life, although he was linked to The Hills’ Audrina Patridge for a short time.
  3. The Click Five (TC5). The band from Boston was formed in 2003 and hit their peak in 2005 with their hit, “Just the Girl.” They toured in 2005-2006, opening for Ashlee Simpson, The Backstreet Boys, and Jesse McCartney, before their our tour. After 2006, their success dwindled and fan interest faded. None of their singles came near “Just the Girl” and unfortunately, after little success on their last album TCV (2010), the band split in 2013.
  4. Jesse McCartney. When I mentioned “swoon worthy male musicians” in my intro, I was referring to this man. McCartney started his musical career in 1999 when he joined the boy band, Dream Street. The band had some success, but McCartney left in 2002 to begin a solo career. In 2004, Jesse released his best known single, “Beautiful Soul” that made girls everywhere scream and cry. He went on to experience success in television, starring in multiple Disney productions and a lead role in the short success Summerland. Since then, McCartney has worked as a songwriter and musician, writing for Leona Lewis and touring with Jordin Sparks. He had a guest roles in Freeform’s Young and Hungry in 2014 and AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead in 2016.
  5. The Pussycat Dolls. Did you know this group was originally founded in 1995 by choreographer Robin Antin as a burlesque troupe? Me neither. After experiencing success, Antin negotiated a record deal and made the troupe a music franchise, with best known member Nicole Scherzinger. The group experienced some success during their six years. Hit singles included: “Don’t Cha”, “Buttons”, “Stickwitu” from the 2005 album PCD and “Jai Ho!”, “When I Grow Up”, and “I Hate This Part” from their 2008 album Doll Domination. Unfortunately, the group parted ways in 2009. In 2012 rumors swirled that the group had split to due Scherzinger’s ego and insecurities. However, Nicole went on to experience success on Simon Cowell’s The X Factor and The X Factor UK.

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