Beyoncé has saved 2017!

A lot of stuff has gone down this past week…so much we haven’t been able to write about any of it. But today something so big happened, a story that so affects us all we can’t help but as a nation come together and collectively agree on the good fortune we have just received. Ladies and maybe gentlemen, Beyoncé is gracing us with not one, but two genetically perfect human beings before the year is out.

Queen B has single handedly saved 2017 from itself by sharing the news of her pregnancy, a privilege that I consider an honor. The news broke this afternoon when Her Majesty posted a picture of her bare baby bump on Instagram. In said photo she is wearing lingerie and a giant veil. Why a veil? I can only assume this was to remind the world that she is a goddess presenting the world with hope. And hope requires a veil.  FullSizeRender.jpg

The question now is when will she deliver these babies? My guess is June, simply because it is the first month of summer. Summer is the warmest, sunniest, and happiest time of the year. Most of the month of June is represented by the astrological sign of Gemini. And Gemini’s symbol? Yes that’s right, the twins! I truly believe that Beyoncé does not do anything by accident and therefore she carefully calculated for the world to be saved by her Gemini twins. I think this is a blessing that we should all be thankful for.

The trend in Hollywood is for celebrities to give birth to girl/boy twins. Jennifer Lopez, Neil Patrick Harris, Mariah Carey, Julia Roberts, and Brangelina (RIP)…boy/girl twins. However, Queen B doesn’t follow trends, she sets them. Her girl power is so powerful I can’t imagine her not having twin girls, with the names of Yellow Vine and The Real Solange.

Quite frankly I believe that this news has made 2017 a year to be remembered. Her picture, which at the time of this writing has 6 million likes, will go down in history. I can’t wait to tell my children where I was when I heard the news of the twins.


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