Another Celebrity Saves 2017!

A little over a week ago we reported on the magic that is Beyonce’s second pregnancy. The only thing better than Bey gracing us with another baby? Gracing us with two more babies! Yes, as reported in “Beyonce has saved 2017!” the queen is pregnant with twins.

But now, in case one savior of 2017 wasn’t enough, we have ourselves another. George Clooney and wife Amal are also expecting… twins! This, combined with Beyonce’s news, is obviously evidence of God blessing the world with a much better 2017 than the year we had in 2016. Okay, so it is true that both Beyonce and Amal are over the age of 30 and that women are more likely to become pregnant with twins after 30 years old. It is also true that IVF treatments have become popular in Hollywood and is would not be surprising if both women went the IVF route. BUT, we are choosing to believe that God is sending us multiple bundles of goodness after the rough 2016 we experienced.

So far, no comment from George or Amal. But, who needs one? Matt Damon, close friend of the Clooneys, said in a recent interview that George told him this past fall that Amal was 8 weeks pregnant. Damon claims he almost cried after hearing the news, aww. The most important part of Damon’s statement is that 8 weeks. That means these babies are coming sometime this summer. Rumor has it this is also when we will be graced with the presence of Bey’s babies.  And what colors can we expect to see Amal shopping for- pink or blue? Well, according to Clooney’s mother, Nina, both! Yes that’s right, the Clooneys are expecting a boy and a girl.
Unfortunately, not everyone is as excited for the Clooney babies as me. There always has to be haters. Many have emerged to point out the fact that in the past, Clooney did not want children. So, isn’t it a bit odd that he is now having two? No! It is exciting. Repeat it however many times you have to until you get that into your head. George Clooney is a huge figure in Hollywood, and until a few years ago was the most famous bachelor in Hollywood. Not many of us thought he would settle down, and were ultimately surprised when he and Amal got married. So, we shouldn’t be surprised that he is throwing us for a loop again. While many also have issues with Amal, you cannot have issues with George- it is impossible. He is a beloved part of Hollywood and we all need to celebrate this great news that there will be not one, but two, bundles of Clooney joining our crazy world come summer.


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