Why Stephen & Ayesha Curry Are Goals

In honor of my attending the Warriors basketball game tomorrow night, I have decided to share my love of the Curry family with you all. Although some might call it an obsession, I do not, because it is not creepy. Its more like I just want to be their friend. I think we’d get along well. I can easily envision myself as part of their squad.

Months ago (more like a year ago) I asked my dad to use his basketball connections (he is a basketball coach, thus, connections) to get tickets to the 76ers vs. Warriors game. Although I am from Philadelphia, I have not once referred to this as the “76ers game” but always as the “Warriors game” (see first paragraph). My father told all my friends about how he worked his magic to us get tickets because (and I quote), “if anyone in the world wants to marry Steph Curry, it is Katie.” Oh father, you do not understand. I do not want to marry Steph. I’d more so like him to adopt me. Now that probably sounds super odd since I’m really not that much younger than Steph. But, as you will notice, my “obsession” is not with Steph, but with his family. It didn’t even start with Steph. It started with his super inspirational wife, Ayesha.


Ayesha (seen above on her cookbook cover) is basically super mom. She and Steph have two adorable daughters (also seen above), Riley and Ryan. You may recognize Riley from her brief stint in front of the camera at her dad’s post game press conferences. She seems to be quite the fire cracker. If you don’t believe me (and even if you do), please do yourself the favor of watching some of Riley’s best moments here. Now, back to Ayesha. As I said- super mom. First of all, she is so down to earth. Posts pics in sweats, without makeup, just chilling. Love it. Also, she is an amazing cook. Not that I have tasted any of her food…. But I have watched many of her cooking videos and even purchased her cookbook (recipes are super easy, I would definitely recommend). She also hits the gym regularly (with Steph in tow sometimes) and has her own cooking show! And still, she finds time for her two little girls, making their lives as normal as possible. Like I said, super mom.


I am constantly surprised how young Steph and Ayesha are. Steph is 28 and Ayesha is 27. They got married almost 6 years ago and had Riley a year later. They seem to have the perfect balance of fun and maturity in their personalities. If you head over to either of their Instagram’s, you are sure to see videos of Steph and Ayesha goofing off. I love it! But, at the same time, he’s this super well known/successful NBA star and she’s a super successful chef.

I guess its a little difficult to fully explain why I love these people I don’t know. I just really admire how supportive they are of each other and their family. But mostly, I think a lot of it comes down to how normal they act. You see celebrities ignore us “normal” people on the street, or act like they are too good to stop and take a picture. Sometimes they don’t seem human. Steph Curry bringing his daughter to the press conference is like bring your kid to work day for them. They are “real” people. They are a mom and a dad (probably a super awesome mom and dad), a husband and a wife. They truly act like an ordinary family, they are just living an extraordinary life.

PS. Just one more exhibit of why I love Steph, and you will too!

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