Fashion Trends 2017

It is a new year and a new, warmer season. Here in the northeast we are getting our first taste of warmer weather, and with that comes a new wardrobe. For the past few years I could get away with only buying a few new items of clothing each summer. But now, as an adult and not just a student home from college for the summer, I feel the need to add to my wardrobe. So, I’m taking a look at the trends for spring and summer of 2017.

While doing research for this post I found many, many options. So, I picked the top 5 that I believe we will see, or have already started to see. But, I also included links to all of the articles I read for research. If you would like to see more trends for 2017, follow any of the links located at the end of this post.

  1. Stripes. I love stripes, so I can totally get on board with this. According to research stripes will be big this year. Whether on dresses, tops, bathing suits, and cover ups- we are going to see stripes everywhere. Apparently, blue/white stripes will be the most popular combo. So it seems that my office is ahead of the fashion curve- five of my male co-workers wore blue/white striped shirts last Monday!
  2. Pink. Specifically, bubblegum or rose colored. Rose gold jewelry had a huge moment when I was in high school, and in my world that moment never ended. I love everything about the color, especially when it comes to bracelets. We are slowly seeing rose gold jewelry make a comeback, but now rose colored clothing will join it. I’ve already purchased a bubblegum pink dress from Zara and a pair of light pink pants from Old Navy. I can see myself becoming pretty obsessed with this trend.
  3. Activist tees. Graphic tees have always been around, but became a staple for many millennial females a few years ago. This take on the graphic tee is called “activist chic” by Allure. Slogan tops have already come out on the fashion scene. Stella McCartney debuted her tees on the spring 2017 runway with tops reading “Girls Thanks” and “No Fur, No Leather.”
  4. Yellow. Here comes the sun! This bright color will reign supreme (with pink) in the spring and summer months. We’ve seen a neon yellow trend, mainly for athletic footwear, but this 2017 trend will not discriminate against yellows. The color will be seen in all hues, for all different skin tones.
  5. White Shirt Dresses. Honestly, this might be the trend that has me most excited. I love shirt dresses, and white will be perfect for warmer weather! This is a great item to add to a work wardrobe- light and comfy, while also professional. You can pair this with basically any pair of shoes, and any color goes with white, so feel free to add a pop of color!


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  1. Kathleen Summers
    April 11, 2017 / 12:34 PM

    Thanks fo the fashion update. I’m very happy about the “pink”.

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