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A few months ago I wrote a post about my skincare regimen. But, now it is four months later and my skin needs a new regimen. This is not unusual. As we get older our skin reacts differently to products. This is also very common as the seasons change. So, for summer, I have changed up the products I’ve been using.

I took a “quick” trip to Ulta (I use quotations because is there really such thing as a quick trip at Ulta?) where my goal was to find a good charcoal mask. Honestly, I had no reason for trying the charcoal mask besides the fact it is very “in” right now. As I stepped into Ulta I was immediately greeted with a display of charcoal masks, among many other types of masks. Here began my journey. Should I use charcoal? Or something else? Should I even use a mask at all? I had a few break outs recently and nothing was really working. A sales girl came over and I gave my normal “I’m just looking” answer. But then I reconsidered. She works at Ulta, she knows the products, she is literally there to help me. So when she passed by again I asked her about the mask. She told me charcoal is best for me because I was looking for something to clear up acne breakouts. She mentioned I should use it once and week and if it got to be too much then every other week. She then asked if I was interested in daily skincare products. “Sure, why not?” After all, she knew more about these products than I did, and I needed help.

She took me over to the Clinique products area. In my head I had an “ugh” moment. I have nothing against Clinique, but none of my current products were that brand so I didn’t want to make a huge change that would end up costing a lot of money. She explained that Clinique has different lines and I might be interested in their Acne Solutions line. She described the products and I asked her to choose the one I should try first. “Which one would you say I have to leave here with, if nothing else?” She handed me the Clinical Clearing Gel They had a tiny bottle, so I grabbed one and added it to my bag. I then browsed a bit more and decided to also try the cleanser. It took a lot of self control, but I stopped there. I didn’t want to buy a ton of products and go home and hate them. I decided I would try everything little by little.

I would not write a whole post to bash a brand, so I obviously liked the Clinique products. The clearing gel did just what it is supposed to- clear. While my breakouts weren’t completely cleared, the gel was doing a better job than my usual products. I decided to stop into Ulta two weeks later and look through the other products. I went home with the Clinique Oil Control Cleansing Mask, Clarifying Lotion, and All Over Clearing Treatment. The Cleansing Foam (which I purchased during my first trip) is step 1 in the Acne Solution kit, followed by the Clarifying Lotion as step 2 and All Over Clearing Treatment as step 3.

I love everything! The clarifying lotion is not a lotion, but more liquid based. You dab a bit onto a cotton ball and smooth over your entire face. The clearing treatment is basically a moisturizer. My skin gets really dry so I’m pretty picky about my moisturizers. I do like the clearing treatment, but only use it 2 days a week because it dries my skin. I still use my Neutrogena moisturizer every day. The cleansing mask is amazing! I use it once every week-10 days. I love it. It leaves my skin so smooth.

Since I started using the products regularly, I have seen a difference in my skin. I actually stopped using all of the products for a few days because my skin was very dry. I determined it was the clearing treatment and only use that 2 days a week now. But in those few days I stopped using Clinique, I did notice my breakouts starting to come back. I’ve since started using the products every day again and am very happy with my progress.

I’ve included pictures of all the products and will list them again below. You can find Clinique products at your local Ulta and online. They have other lines besides the Acne Solutions, but so far I’m sticking with that. I will keep you updated on my skin progress and any new products I find!

PS. I also use the charcoal mask every week-10 days and love that as well! You can find it here.

Do you suffer from acne? Have a great skincare routine you want to share? We’d love to hear about the products that work for you! Leave us a note in the comments below.

all clinique products

Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam
Clinique Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion
Clinique Acne Solutions All Over Treatment
Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Gel
Clinique Acne Solutions Oil- Control Cleansing Mask

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