Fall Fashion Trends

Well, as we celebrate another Labor Day, we close out another summer. Say good bye to bikinis and jean shorts, and hello to sweater weather! But, fall can be about more than just sweaters and boots, right? Let’s hope so! Here’s a few trends to try out this autumn season.

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Red is set to be the color for Fall 2017.Red is definitely a statement color and during both New York and Milan Fashion Weeks, red was the it color and a hit among designers. Everyone will be wearing the bright hue this autumn. If you aren’t sure about the attention you’ll receive wearing a statement red piece, try brightening up your outfits with a red accessory (scarf) or shoes.

Fur Makes a Comeback

Let’s be honest, when most of us think of fur we reminisce about our grandmothers’ old fur coats, stuffed away in closets or attics by now. But, bust out grandma’s old coats ladies, because this is the fall of fur! Coats and vests of the fur variety will be back this year. Can’t say I hate this trending, seeing how I live in the chilly north.

PS. Save the animals and go faux!

Victorian Collars

I love a good high collar. There’s something so simple, but elegant about it. Be on the look out for button down blouses with high collars. Some may even go for a statement collar, with bling and bows making an appearance.

Nylon Coats

We’ve already had a bit of a preview to this trend, at least I have. Many bomber jackets are made of nylon material, and if your bomber is anything like mine, you know how comfy it is! Why wouldn’t we continue this trend to include mid and long coats?

Mid-Length Skirts

This trend has been rapidly piquing our interest. Mid-length skirts definitely made splash in spring, and have since only become a bigger hit as the months go on. I’m interested to see how these will transition from summer hues to autumn, but can definitely get on board with adding this new staple to my wardrobe.

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