Lend a Hand

If you live under a rock, you probably haven’t heard about the hurricanes that have been hitting the United States. But, I’m willing to guess not many rock dwellers have internet access, and therefore, wouldn’t be reading this. If you don’t live under a rock and still don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a quick summary. Hurricanes haven’t recently devastated parts of Florida and Texas. Millions are still without power, and many without homes. If this still doesn’t ring a bell- Google Hurricane Harvey and/or Irma.

Now, the purpose of my post. I’ve always been taught to help those less fortunate than me. One, because it is the nice/right thing to do. But, also because one day I might be the less fortunate one in need of help. So, I’m calling on all of you to join me in helping those affected by the hurricanes. I’ve given you a few options. It doesn’t matter where in the U.S. you live- anyone is able to help, and I encourage you all to do so.

Donate Funds

It might be easy to think, “my $5 won’t really help that much.” But, imagine if everyone you knew donated $5. It would definitely help. So, go for it! Consider donating to one of these nonprofit organizations. Better yet- see if your employer will match your donation!

Organize a Drive

If you aren’t comfortable donating money, that’s okay. Consider donating clothes or other materials. Hurricane victims are basically starting from scratch. So, imagine you move into a new home and have NOTHING. Now put together a drive to gather everything you would need. And send that to the victims. 


If you live in Florida, Texas, or surrounding areas, considering donating something invaluable- your time. Help at a local fundraiser, or with home improvements/rebuilds.

It is not hard to make a difference, and the victims of these hurricanes really need our help. Any thing, no matter how big or small, will affect someone and help them in some way. Before I go, let me end with this. Last weekend I was walking through Philly after brunch. Three kids, all around 6 years old, were having a lemonade stand. I was that kid when I was younger, the one no one stopped to buy lemonade from. So, I now ALWAYS buy lemonade from a stand. But, as I stopped and purchased a cup- I realized this one was different. The mother of the children told them to tell me why they were having the lemonade stand. “All of the money we make will go to victims of Hurricane Harvey.” And there it is. Three young children can do it, so why not the rest of us?

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