So…Kylie Jenner is pregnant!

I don’t care about the Kardashians. I really don’t. I don’t watch their show and won’t unless Kim gets married again, as I never miss a good wedding. That being said, I care deeply about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy. Why, you ask? I have absolutely no idea. Here is what I do know…

  1. She is super young. Like really young. She turned 20 just last month. Which means she got pregnant at 19, basically making her a teen mom.   


   2. I, and the rest of twitter, now know who Travis Scott is, which can only be good for his rapping career. Although most of us simply know him as Kylie’s baby daddy. “Kylie’s Baby Daddy” would actually make a good album title. #marketing


   3. Kylie and Travis have been dating for 5 months. Kylie is reportedly 4 months pregnant. That doesn’t necessarily mean that this relationship is doomed, but it essentially means that this relationship is doomed.

       4. Kim and Kanye are expecting their third child via surrogate. The baby is due early next year. If these rumors are to be true, Kylie is due early next year. Now I’m not saying Kim asked her then 19 year old sister to be her surrogate. I don’t even know if that is allowed. I’m just saying this is the Kardashian family and conspiracy theories are fun.   

        5. Kim has got to be pissed that he younger sister stole her baby thunder.

       6. There are other rumors going around that this baby is actually the child of Kylie’s ex Tyga. Tyga shares a son with Kylie’s half brother Robert’s baby mama, fiancee, sometimes girlfriend, enemy, frenemy, Blac Chyna. Now I don’t believe these rumors, but if they were true it would make Kylie’s baby and Rob’s daughter both half-cousins and… well I don’t know. Maybe just cousins. I do know that I would need a diagram.

7. Kylie is reportedly having a girl. This is good as that family tends to do better with girls. #SeeScott


       8. Poor Khloe!

        9. The 10th anniversary episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians aires tomorrow and everyone and their dog will be tuning in to see if we get confirmation. I am in no way suggesting that this was all planned to get higher ratings, I just know that Kris Jenner has proven time and time again to be a PR genius and that this family has proven time and time again that they will do anything for fame.          

       10. Kylie is not your average 20 year old. She is extremely famous and a multimillionaire. She can hire nannies, chefs, and personal trainers. So as long as someone buys this kid a good helmet and some designer knee guards, I am sure everything will be fine.



  1. Kathleen Summers
    September 24, 2017 / 12:08 AM

    I love your post. They are so true and they make me laugh at how disgusting things have become with all the Kardashian crap that floats throughout the media. Love you Kate!!

  2. October 4, 2017 / 7:34 AM

    Great news that Kylie is having a baby girl, but is it really Travis tho?

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