Sunday Prep & Planning

I’ve always been the person that likes to be prepared, over-prepared is even better. But, I’m beginning to realize that planning as an adult is different than planning as a kid or teenager. When you are younger you plan and it is pretty easy to stick to the plan. Nothing new comes up. But, as an adult, life throws a wrench in your plans almost on a daily basis.

When I started my big girl job last year I prepared for each week every Sunday night. I packed my lunch almost every day and had a plan for each day of the week. But, then work really started and things kicked into gear and I haven’t really planned much since. I’m trying to change that, and I’ll take you on my journey. Today’s post includes some of the things I will be doing each Sunday to plan for my week ahead. Some might apply to you and others might not, but I hope you gain an understanding of how much easier planning can make life!

Review Your Schedule

I keep my schedule in my phone calendar, and also written down in a planner. I find I like to switch back and forth between technology and old school calendars, so this works best for me. I check my schedule for the week to see what kind of planning I have to do. I try to pack lunch for work 2-3 times a week, so first I determine what days I should do that. If I have a lot of meetings around lunch time I’ll usually plan to pack on that day. Another thing I check is what my days will be like after work. If I’m meeting friends for dinner or have an event, then I’m usually not going to have time to get to the gym or get a lot of writing done. I try to keep events/dinners to a minimum during the work week.

Meal Prep

I don’t view the words “meal prep” the same way as a lot of others. For most, meal prep involves actually preparing their meals. For me, meal prep means at least figuring out what those meals will be, and getting what I need to make them. So, on Sundays I sit down and write out what I plan to eat for lunch/dinner this week (breakfast usually comes as a result of how I’m feeling in the morning). My lunch list will usually include two options and my dinner list will include three. I make sure I pick up everything I need for those meals while at the grocery store on Sunday.

Clothes Prep

In all honesty, I’m still working on this. Hard. I try to plan outfits for each day of the week. But we all know how it is as a girl. You wake up and think, “do I really want to wear this…?” And it is all downhill from there. So, I’ve been trying to come up with 2-3 back up options for the week. I do my laundry on Sundays and I used to do it Sunday nights. I’m trying to do it a little earlier, like late afternoon, so that it gives me more time to really prepare outfits for the week.

Me Time

I am a big advocate of “me time.” The more, the better. Me time for me can include all different kind of activities: the gym, writing, catching up on a tv series, or sitting down with a good book. I’ve been trying to force myself not to consider sleep “me time.” While I do love sleep, I also need to give myself another way of unwinding before bed time, and me time is usually it. I try to have at least 30 minutes of me time every night. AT LEAST. Meaning that it is ok (and encouraged) to have more. Ideally, I’d like to have two nights a week when I have 1.5-2 hours of me time. Those are usually days when I will be able to get to the gym or get some writing done.

This all might sound relatively easy, and maybe it is for most. But for me, it’s not. I’m always that person who stays “just a little bit longer”(which turns into a lot of bit longer) at work, to get things done. Even though said things can easily wait until tomorrow. Or, I’m the one that gets caught up in a conversation with a friend or family and then before I know it, there is no time for me time. I’m beginning to try to prioritizes all aspects of my life, and planning/preparing for the week will help me do that.

Moving Forward

I’m going to give myself some time to try this new planning thing out, so I’ll check back in a week or so and let you know how it is going! If anyone has any suggestions or feedback, please let me know! I’m all about advice in how to make life run smoother.

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