What Is Happening In Hollywood…

If you were missing from the planet for the past two weeks, you missed a bit. And when I say “a bit” I mean a lot. Like A LOT a lot. Hollywood went crazy these past two weeks. We’re going to give you as much of a breakdown as we can. But, we’re 90% sure by the time we finish this post, something else will be happening in Hollywood that we can add to the list.

Harvey Weinstein

Let’s just go straight to the big one. If you haven’t heard, Harvey Weinstein is in deep trouble, and a pig. That’s basically the whole story, but in case you missed it… Weinstein, film producer and co-founder of Miramax and The Weinstein Company, has been accused of sexual assault by many, many actresses. We’ll be running a full length post about this soon. More to come.

harvey weinstein

Ben Affleck and Hilarie Burton

Following Harvey Weinstein’s huge scandal, Hilarie Burton reminded Ben Affleck that he groped her during a TRL episode back in 2003. Ben Affleck is, well you should know who Ben is and if not then Google him. Hilarie Burton is best known for playing Peyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill (which you should watch if you have not, preferably before the end of October because Netflix is making the crazy decision to drop it).

ben and hilarie

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson and… Emma Roberts?

Yeah, we’re just as confused. Apparently Emma Roberts is the reason for Hayden and Rachel’s split. FYI they’ve been together 10 years and have a daughter, Briar (as in Sleeping Beauty’s name). So, story is Hayden and Emma did a movie together and Rachel found texts between them. We’re pretty sure Emma is still engaged to that guy from American Horror Story (aka the guy that she beat up in a hotel room…), so really not sure where this is going…

emma roberts

Cam Newton

We realize this is kind of a thing of the past, but we have to revisit. Being from very sports focused families, this hit the two of us hard. In case you missed it, Cam laughed at a female reporter who asked about football routes. Joking, “its funny to hear a woman ask about routes.” Yeah…not the best comment, Cam. Fast forward and his PR team pulled off a miracle. Seriously, even I believed that apology and I know how the PR world works. Bravo!

cam newton

Jessie James Decker is Pregnant (again)!

Yay, let’s move on to happier news. Jessie and her husband, Eric, are expecting their third child together. They currently have Vivianne, age 3, and Eric (aka Bub), who just turned 2. Decker claims this will be their last baby, but they make really cute kids so we’ll keep our fingers crossed. Congrats Decker fam!

jessie james decker family.jpg

Joe Jonas is Marrying Sansa Stark!

Ok, not really, but close enough. Joe Jonas proposed to girlfriend Sophie Turner (aka Sansa) and she said yes! Sansa Sophie is only 21 years old, but seems pretty mature for her age. Jonas is 28 and will be the second brother of his family to get married. Kevin is married with two little girls. Nick, if you’re looking, both Katies are free!

joe and sophie

We know, that was a lot. And most of this happened within the past week. It can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Follow along on our Instagram and Twitter for updates on what is going on in the crazy busy and eventful lives of celebrities. Never a dull moment.

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