Fall Fashion: Button Downs

As Fall has arrived, so has my new wardrobe. I have basically purged my closet and gone a shopping binge (ok fine, there may have been multiple binges…). I feel my style has changed a lot in just the past year. Last year, most of my clothes were for work or still clothes I wore from college. I didn’t really have a style. But now, I’ve learned what I like and dislike, and what I’m comfortable in. I have figured out what I can wear both at work and outside of work, and I’m finally starting to form my own “look.”

A super staple in my new “look?” Button downs. More specifically, short sleeve button downs. I am currently OBSESSED. And I don’t really see that obsession going away anytime soon. I’ve always loved button downs. I wore one (under a jumper) everyday for 14 years (thank you private school). And when I needed nice tops outside of school, that’s just what I gravitated towards. So, it doesn’t surprise me that much that this is my go to now.

I love a good button down because it can be so versatile. You can wear it on its own, dress it up with some jewelry, add a vest or cardigan, tuck it in, leave it out- there are so many options! I have 4-5 go to button downs in my closet that I wear at least every two weeks. I love them. I can’t really remember what my co-workers wear each day, but I would not be surprised if they could tell you I “wear button downs daily.” That’s how much I love them.

My gift to you are a few links for some of my favs. Some I have, others I dream about. As trends come and go, it is easy to forget about what some consider boring (gasp!) button downs. They are timeless and classic, but can be worn so many different ways. Never pass up the opportunity to get yourself a great, high quality button down.

Shop Button Downs

Anthropologie Mara Hoffman Checkered Shirt– Love the colors! I’m obsessed with blues.

Anthropologie Mara Hoffman Checked


Madewell Central Shirt in Haden Plaid– Just got this beauty yesterday!

Madewell Central Shirt

Madewell Indigo Ruffle-Side Shirt– You can never go wrong with chambray or ruffles!

Madewell Ruffle Side Shirt

Old Navy Satin Tunic Blouse– Love the detail on the collar and buttons on this one.

Old Navy Satin Tunic

H&M Cotton Blouse– Not your average button down. Love the sleeves!

H&M Cotton Blouse

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