Taylor’s Reputation

So I bought it. I wasn’t going too, but here we are. Taylor Swift’s brand new album. Let’s take a listen.   

*note: all thoughts were written down live during my first listen.* 

1) …Ready For It?– Song number one starts this album with a bang. I like this song. I don’t like the music video. It doesn’t make sense, but the song is not bad.


2) End Game (Feat. Ed Sheeran & Future)– May I introduce Taylor the rapper. (insert eye roll here) My first and only thought is “didn’t Future date one of those Kardashians?” This song literally repeats the same thing over and over.


3) I Did Something Bad– The first line in this song is “I never trust a narcissist.” This is rich coming from a woman who has been posting all of her good album reviews on Instagram with the caption “Thank You.” There is nothing worse than humble bragging. OMG!!! TAYLOR JUST SAID SHIT!!! I’m telling her mom. In all seriousness though, this song is great.


4) Don’t Blame Me– The chorus proclaims “love make me crazy, if it doesn’t you ain’t doing it right.” Maybe acting crazy is why she has a hard keeping a man. She really shows her vocal range in this one. This is my favorite song so far.


5) Delicate– Oh, a love song. Well kind of, she is mostly talking about herself. And I’ve already pressed the next button. *note: after a few more listens, I now love this song*


6) Look What You Made Me Do– I hate this song! Time did not make this song better. Luckily, so far, no other song on this record has sounded like this or been this bad.


7) So It Goes…– Am I the only one who thinks Taylor and her new boyfriend look like siblings? All of these songs are starting to sound the same. Or maybe this one is just suppose to be that random filler song.


8) Gorgeous– This song gets a good grade just because Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’s daughter speaks in the very beginning. Any other time I would complain about the fact that she sings about having a boyfriend while pining for another guy. She literally spent five albums informing us how messed up it is when the opposite sex does the same thing. I guess the old Taylor did die and was replaced with hypocrite Taylor.


9) Getaway Car– So Taylor broke up with Tom Hiddleston because their relationship was too public or because Calvin Harris was still around or something like that. She seems to blame Tom and or Calvin, but I’m just sitting here wondering how cameras ended up on private property. Her private property. This is my new favorite song. She should stick to break up songs    


10) King Of My Heart– What happens when Taylor actually gets engaged? That’s going to be weird. Especially if her future husband looks like her brother. Anyways, I have already pressed the next button. I got bored. *note: upon the second and third listen this song became much more appealing*


11) Dancing With Our Hands Tied– She must really like this guy. This is like the 4th love song. She is also starting to talk about the going ons in her bedroom. This is strange.


12) Dress– Taylor only brought this dress so he could take it off. She moans in this song. If someone like Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato sang this song it would be my favorite. Currently, I am having a hard time getting over the fact that little Taylor is singing so openly about implied sex.


13) This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things– Watch her try to trademark that sentence. You knew she had to respond to Kim and Kanye again. One song is not nearly enough. She doesn’t even try to hide it in this one. She doesn’t have any hidden liner notes in this album, but there is really no need when songs are this blatant. 


14) Call It What You Want– We have reached the end of the album. Welcome the slow songs. This song isn’t awful though.


15) New Year’s Day– I think there is a clock ticking in this song, but I also think I may be losing my mind. I’m never going to be able to finish this song.*note: I finished the song and it’s actually beautiful. You can hear the old Taylor and she is alive and well.* 


Well that wasn’t too painful. In conclusion, Reputation is a pretty solid album. It’s no Red or the banger that was Speak Now, but I’ll listen to it many more times. Getaway Car is the best song which is ironic because it’s a break up song. Anyways I give the album a B+.

*Final Editors Note: I have listened to this album several more times and it has grown on me. LWYMMD, still sucks though.*            




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