Prince Harry Is Off The Market!

It took me a few days to process, but here we are. The love of my life has gotten engaged to another woman without any consideration of my feelings whatsoever. I am heartbroken and angry. (Disclaimer: I am obviously kidding about being heartbroken and angry, I have a life.) I am even angrier that I actually like his new fiancée. Irrational hatred is so much more fun in situations such as this.

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I originally found Meghan Markle to be very fake however, her interview changed my mind. I saw her to be cute, funny, and the couple appeared to be very much in love. Of course, I may just have a bad case of royal wedding fever. I’ll keep you posted.

Let’s talk specifics, first the ring. It’s beautiful! I was worried that Harry was going to give her a ring previously worn by another royal. As much as I like Duchess Kate’s engagement ring, it’s not hers. It’s a constant reminder that she will never be Diana. I truly get the sentiment behind it, but to me that ring represents a nasty divorce and an even more tragic death. Meghan’s ring is her own and she gets to write the story. Diana was still very much included, two diamonds from her collection were used to create the custom made gold ring.

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Second, the bride. Meghan is basically Grace Kelly for the modern age. Both are American, both were actresses, and both married or are marrying princes. I know it’s not fair to compare the two careers. Princess Grace won an oscar and has since become a Hollywood icon, but Meghan was on a widely watched cable television show and that’s something. They are basically the same person and I love Princess Grace therefore, I am sure I will love Meghan.

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Third, the ceremony. The wedding will take place in May. I don’t know when in May, but I would assume mid-May, giving Kate enough time to recover from childbirth. It will be held at St. George’s Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle. This is a little disappointing because it means there will be no kiss on the balcony at Buckingham Palace. No worries, it is still a royal wedding and Quiet Curiosity will be there. That’s right we are booking a plane ticket to London as soon as we have an exact date. We will continue to blog our progress with this endeavor.

Until next time. God Save the Queen.

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