Holiday Gift Guide: Home Edition

Christmas is a magical time, and has the decorations to thank for some of that magic. I don’t know about you, but my home almost feels more homey during the holiday season. There’s something about the stockings, trees, and christmas lights that make my house come to life.

Being a broke, recent college graduate, I live at home with my parents (rent-free, shoutout to mom and dad!). This is especially nice during the holidays, as I get to be around for all of our traditions. My dad always has all of the lights up before Thanksgiving, but they only get turned on Thanksgiving night. He is in charge of the tree and nativity set, and I handle the rest of the decorating in the house. My mom does all of the baking and ALL of the shopping.

As someone who LOVES decorating the house for Christmas, I appreciate some good, practical home decor. Our homes are where we spend our downtime, and we want to feel comfortable, and others to feel welcome. It is easier to get carried away decorating a room, even if it isn’t the holiday season! So, what do you get for someone who loves everything home-related (aka, me!)? Without further ado…

  1. Holiday Art: I have been searching for a great piece to put above our fire place. Normally, my portraits from my senior year hang there (favorite child alert!). But, we take them down during the holidays to make room for taller decorations on the mantle. I found a few pieces I love, shown below. I also came across an Angel Painting I know my mom would really enjoy.
  2. Pillows: Honestly, I am a solemn believer in never having too many pillow. I love pillows, they are my jam. Holiday pillows? Even better! Katie M. picked out the Santa Saw You Instagram pillow and my goodness, I love it! I chose the #Santa because I’m a Social Media Coordinator by day, so I deal with hashtags all day every day!
  3. Appliances: Ok, I know, we said decor. But, appliances can act as decor! Especially colorful ones like these. Plus, my mom got my brother one of these a few years ago and he LOVED it and uses it all the time! See, great gift. Kitchen Aid mixer
  4. Furniture: I know you are probably thinking, “whoa, that is a BIG and EXPENSIVE gift!” But, you cannot beat Wayfair’s prices! For example, the cradle shown below is $190, and the chair is around $160. It might seem like a lot, but really you might spend close to that on just one person! My brother and sister-in-law are expecting a baby and I love this cradle! We did a pollyanna this year though, so for now I’ll just gaze longingly at it.
  5. Don’t Forget the Pets: I am a firm believer in pets receiving Christmas presents. Everyone else is, so why not them? Katie M. picked out this dog bowl for her bull dog, Junior. Its just high enough to be off the ground (and look cool, according to Kate), but still low enough that he can reach. I’m getting a kick out of this dog bed, and if my girl, Murphy, didn’t already have one, I would be begging my mom to purchase this.
    Wayfair dog bowlWayfair dog bed

Everything shown here can be found on Wayfair literally has anything and everything you can possibly need for your home! My mom recently redid our living room, and about 75% of everything in there is from Wayfair. The best part is everything is super stylish, but not at all too expensive! I know exactly where I’m looking when I move out! Also, don’t worry if you need something by Christmas- Wayfair has 1-2 day shipping for select products. Happy Holidays and happy shopping!

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*This post was not sponsored by Wayfair. I just actually love their products so much I needed to share.

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