Interview Series Pt. 2: Meet Lauren Belzer!

Welcome to part 2 of our interview series! We’ve kept you waiting for next installment, but promise it is absolutely worth it! We are excited to introduce our next interviewee, Lauren Belzer. I “met” Lauren through a Facebook group created to empower women of all ages. Many of the members are bloggers, but we are spread across the country. Lauren is active in the group, posting/commenting about blogging and photography, and I knew she would be perfect for our series.

Lauren is currently a marketing and design student at Chapman University in Orange, CA. She is part of her campus’s Alpha Phi sorority, and also works at a part time photographer and blogger. When she isn’t busy with her classes, sorority, blog, or photography projects (when does this girl sleep?!) you can find her on an adventure in Disneyland.

Rapid Fire Question Round:

Full name: Lauren Elizabeth Belzer

Single/Taken: Very happily taken (almost 2 years!) 🙂

Favorite color: Yellow or pink!

Favorite food: I love pasta, or fruit – I could live off either!

Spirit animal: Koala lol, I’m cuddly and sleepy ALL the time.

Favorite workout: Hmm, I really like anything I can do at home/on my own but nothing super particular.

Quiet Curiosity: You’re currently enrolled in college at Chapman University, studying Business Administration. What made you choose that particular school/major?

LB: I chose business (marketing) because I did DECA* in high school and really got into my Sports and Entertainment Promotion project. I really enjoyed using  my creativity in the business world. Through adding my graphic design minor, I found a love for branding, and am really excited about the direction that Chapman is pushing me in. I chose this school because I wanted something smaller while still being kind of fast-paced. I ultimately wanted to get out of my home state of Washington to try something completely new and get some Vitamin D, and you can’t beat being 10 mins away from Disneyland!

*DECA is a high school program that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

QC: Do you have any advice to high school students exploring options for college?

LB: YES! My biggest piece of advice is to actually go to the colleges you are planning on applying to before you apply if you can. It is more than helpful to put yourself on the campus to see if you can actually envision yourself on that campus and around those people on a daily basis. I think it is especially important to go when school is in session, not on the college or university’s breaks.

QC: You are crazy involved in your campus, in addition to your own businesses. How do you stay balanced?

LB: The most important thing is to stay organized. I have a planner and I used my Apple calendar. I plan everything out to the hour and half hour. Balance is super important and I make sure that I am spreading my time evenly throughout my endeavors as much as I can and prioritizing the things that I need and want to get done vs. the things that I can or kind of want to get done. It all comes back to scheduling a prioritizing. But it’s also important to give yourself a break. There are some days in which I will not schedule a single thing, because I know that if I keep up the “go go go” mentality, I will burn myself out!

QC: Tell us about your journey with photography. What first sparked your interest?

LB: Photography started for me back in the 8th grade when my parents bought a camera for mine and my sisters’ soccer games. They had no idea how to use it, so at my little sister’s soccer games, I would take it and try to capture her on the field. They handed the camera over to me in early high school where I taught myself the manual workings of it and enrolled in a digital photography class to further my skills in high school.  I found a love and interest for portraiture and for wedding photography, so I did my senior project in high school with Rachel Peterson of RP Imageryand loved it! Other than that I just do it as a sort of a “side-job,” taking mostly senior portraits and doing engagement shoots. I don’t photograph others as much as I’d like, but every time I do, I remember why I love it so much – and that is the social interaction with amazing people.

QC: When did you decide to start your blog, and why? How has the journey been with growing your blog and following?

LB: I originally had the thought of starting a blog back towards the end of my junior year in high school – but I didn’t know how and didn’t really have time to do it. Fast forward to the summer before my junior year of college and I really thought about it again, I had gained some marketing, writing and design experience and thought, there’s never going to be a good time, so I might a well just do it. And so I did. And it’s been a whirlwind of emotion. It’s been fun,  it’s been difficult, and honestly it’s been a lot of work. But I’ve been loving every moment of it!

QC: Do you have any advice for girls interested in starting a blog, or exploring photography?

LB: My main piece of advice, which you probably hear over and over again, is to just do it. You are never going to get good at something and you are never going to really jump into something unless you just start. Don’t be like me and put it off for almost 4 years. If you really want to do something, do it, and put your whole heart into it. If you end up hating it, at least you tried!

QC: What is your dream job after college?

LB: Yikes, real world… Um, I have really found a love for branding so whether it’s the actual design of a brand or advertising the brand, I really want to do something like that. I don’t know specifically what industry yet but I love the fashion and beauty industry and I would honestly LOVE packaging design!

QC: TGIF, it is finally the weekend. Where are we most likely to find you?

LB: In bed, because I am so go go go the rest of the week that I really like to take a moment and chill. Not the whole weekend obviously, but because I don’t have Friday classes, I use that day to chill, catch up on the things I want to and do some things around my house. But Saturday and Sunday I really like to explore – find new farmer’s markets, new beaches, etc. I really like to explore the area I live in because there is so much to see that I haven’t since I moved to Orange County almost 3 years ago.

QC: Do you have a mantra or quote you live by?

LB: I always say that I would rather be the one that smiled than the one that didn’t smile back because I aim to be friendly to everyone I come in contact with. I’d rather be the positive one than the negative on in any situation!

Lauren is one of our favorite bloggers to follow, and we know now you understand why. She is young and offers a fun outlook on life, while still being genuine and real in her posts. We know she is going to do big things and we can’t wait to watch! Visit her website or follow her on Instagram


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