Who will design the Royal Wedding Dress!?!

Only 6 weeks and 4 days until we leave for London, but who’s counting?

Naturally, I have a ton of lingering questions about this wedding. Since, Prince Harry and Meghan won’t answer any of my emails, I will ask you lovely people.

First, the most important question of all, who is going to design Meghan’s dress?

She has to pick a British designer, that we know. It would be cool if she chose an American designer as a nod to her home country, but I don’t make the rules.

There are a long list of possible designers, but only some are probable. I have narrowed the list down to 6 possible choices.


  • Alexander McQueen

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McQueen seems to be on top of everyone’s list and it’s not difficult to see why. His fashions are a staple on every red carpet and just recently it was his fashion house that designed Serena Williams’s wedding dress and according to the press Serena and Meghan are besties. I personally would have already chosen him. However, Sarah Burton, the creative director of fashion for Alexander McQueen, designed Duchess Kate’s dress. I’m sure that Meghan will want to choose a different designer. On top of that, she is already going to be compared to the Duchess, so she shouldn’t make it worse by choosing McQueen.

  • Victoria Beckham

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This one seems like a long shot. She isn’t really known for designing wedding dresses. I find her fashions to be more on the casual side. Although, celebs from Kim Kardashian to Kate Winslet have been seen in her dresses and Victoria was a guest at the 2011 Royal Wedding. The Spice Girls are also rumored to be performing at the reception. It’s a fun story, I suppose, Victoria Beckham, serious fashion designer by day and Posh Spice by night. I’ll believe when I see it.


  • Stella McCartney

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Stella is a much better choice than Victoria. She brings glamour and, as the daughter of a Beatle (Paul), celebrity. Meghan has already been seen wearing her too, in the form of a stunning black coat that Meghan made look frumpy due to a lack of a hair brush. Duchess Kate also enjoys Stella’s fashion, so this choice would have her royal approval. Stella’s designs are simple and understated, perfect for a bride that is on her second marriage (sorry not sorry).


  • Jenny Packham

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Jenny Packham’s dresses are simple, feminine, and elegant. Her specialty is wedding dresses. There is one problem with Ms. Jenny though, she is one of Duchess Kate’s favorites. The Duchess wears her a lot and remember we are trying to avoid any unnecessary comparisons to Kate. For that is a battle Meghan would lose.


  • Vivienne Westwood

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Vivienne Westwood is fun. She is unique and original. Not only did she design Carrie Bradshaw’s first wedding dress, she also designed Miss Piggy’s wedding dress. That is some high quality clientele. I think Meghan should choose her 100%. Will she? Probably not.     


  • Catherine Walker

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Catherine Walker is British fashion. Elegant, understated, and classy. This choice would make sense, it would be perfect for an American who is about to become British (That’s how this works, right?). There is one huge problem with Catherine Walker and that is, she designed some of Princess Diana’s most iconic dresses. The only thing worse than being compared to The Duchess of Cambridge is being compared to Princess Di. Even Kate doesn’t want that.


As you can see this is not an easy choice. It may even be better to choose a brand new designer and make them famous, but Meghan wants to be a star. She will choose a big name and the big names will be more than happy to comply. We won’t find out until wedding day, but we will go ahead and make a prediction.


Quiet Curiosity Prediction: Stella McCartney

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think. Will it be one of the choices above or could it be someone else entirely?

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