Our Royal Wedding Experience!

Hello everybody! I am truly sorry that it has taken this long for us to write a Royal Wedding post, I just didn’t know what to write. After lots and lots of thinking, I have decided just to tell you what happened when three Americans attended a Royal Wedding.

  1. People milked this wedding for all it’s worth.

England went all out. They renamed the Windsor train station, Harry and Meghan Central, for the day. Windsor was decorated from head to toe. Every shop window, every home, all the streets, everything was Royal Wedding theme. On top of that, the British people aren’t stupid and they know that the tourists are looking to spend money. There were vendors hawking merchandise as if they were selling hotdogs at a baseball game. You could buy anything with Harry and Meghan’s face on it. Flags, hats, scarfs, shirts, programs, anything you want, they have. Also special shout out to the kids with drink stands set up.    

  1. We waited a long time for something to happen.

To get a good view, you had to show up hours early. We got there EIGHT hours ahead of time. Here’s the thing though, you can’t move once you find your spot, so you just have to wait. Luckily we were wearing hats, but we weren’t wearing sunscreen, so we are still dealing with the side effects of our Royal Wedding sunburn. It was so boring waiting around, that Katie C. actually took a nap. However, if you’re smart you will make friends and start eavesdropping. Katie C. and I met a lovely older woman from Australia. She called us very posh and that made us feel very sophisticated. She also worked in Westminster Abbey during William and Kate’s wedding and was filled with insider secrets. She was, however, slightly unimpressed with this whole wedding. We also overheard a conversation from a teacher that works at Prince George’s school. She said that the little Prince is very quiet and shy. Furthermore, he was quite confused as to why the other kids were calling him “Prince George”, when his name is just George.

  1. Windsor is literally right next to Heathrow Airport.

Fun fact: Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. Meaning there are planes going over head constantly and I’m talking big planes. (The Middle Eastern planes are massive!) There is a lot of ambient noise. They were hard to ignore and when the wedding started it was sometimes hard to hear the vows from the speakers they had set up, but what can you do? 🙂

  1. The Brits love them some David Beckham.

They had screens and speakers set up throughout the Long Walk, which is where we were camped out. They had the screens running during the guest arrivals and at one point the crowd went absolutely wild. I immediately ran to the screen to see who it was and it was David freaking Beckham. He got the loudest cheers by far and the crowd cheered every time he was on the screen, even during the wedding.            

  1. The police know all!

They all had earpieces in and knew exactly when things were going to happen. Befriending them was a smart move. Meghan actually drove down the Long Walk, with her mother, on the way to the ceremony. We would have missed her had this cop not filled us in and he knew the exact second she would be in front of us. Also Megs must have been running late because she was driving fast. We didn’t even have enough time to get our cameras set.

  1. There are unspoken rules that must be followed.

Once someone is in their spot, that is their spot, little kids be damned. No standing on the guardrails and if you are on someone’s shoulders, you best be in the back. Moral of the story is be mindful of the people around you and behind you, as they want to see too. The British are extremely nice, but they take this queueing seriously and it’s a good thing too, because everyone got to see Harry and Meghan in the carriage. They were beautiful and seeing Prince Harry up close was everything.           

  1. The crowd reaction was the best part.

You are watching, well really listening, to the wedding with 100,000 strangers. This can make for a party and it did. Listening to them react was an experience in itself. I wish they had a crowd camera set up for the viewers at home. They cheered when their favorite celebrities came on the screen. (Beckham! Clooney!) They clapped when Prince Charles met Meghan to finish her walk down the aisle. They cheered after every vow. There were oohs and aahs for Prince George and Princess Charlotte. They laughed at the pastor’s sermon, it was just a little too American for the Brits, and they sang along to Stand By Me. It was the feeling of being a part of something special and it was a great and unforgettable moment.  

  1. They love their Queen and her family.

You knew when the Queen had arrived by the reaction of the crowd. I heard stories about how children had spent their week at school having parties to celebrate this marriage. Everybody was extremely pleased to see that Prince Philip is doing so well, despite looking like a zombie. My favorite part of the whole event, besides seeing Prince Harry’s face live and in person, was when the crowd waved their Union Jacks and in unison sang God Save the Queen. Who says those Brits can’t be patriotic?

Being a part of this wedding was a once and lifetime experience and I will never forget it. It was so worth it and I can’t express enough how amazing travel is. Grab your best girlfriends and go exploring.

P.S. While I did not get the designer of Duchess Meghan’s ceremony dress right, Stella McCartney did design her reception dress. I win! 😉

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  1. Kathleen Summers
    May 31, 2018 / 8:07 AM

    Love to read your blog, especially about your travel adventures. Well done Katie M.

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