Hello friends! Our interview series has returned, this time with Alyssa Allen as our newest interviewee. Alyssa and I connected via a Facebook group for young women started by two of my favorite bloggers, Bre Sheppard and Karlie Rae Lang.

Alyssa and I started chatting about her side gig, M Network. Alyssa works as a rep for M, and sells “stiks,” which are created to help with hydration. There are multiple flavors of stiks that are created for specific purposes. I know it can be tough to get your daily water intake, and these stiks help with that and so much more! When Alyssa told me about the products M sells, I knew I had to share with our QC community!

Rapid Fire Question Round

Full name: Alyssa Allen
Profession: Pharmacy Student & M Consultant
Favorite color:  Mint Green!
Favorite food: ICE CREAM!!
Spirit animal: Lioness 😉

Quiet Curiosity: What do you currently do (career, school, etc.)?

Alyssa Allen: I am in my third year of Pharmacy school at the University of Florida. One more year and I will be a Pharmacist! I also work as a Pharmacist intern at a very large independent pharmacy.

QC: What led you to choose that path?

AA:  I’ve always wanted to do something in the medical field. During my senior year of high school, I became fascinated with the medication process and how they can truly help people.  I shadowed in a pharmacy, and knew it was what I wanted to do immediately!

QC: How did you learn about M (Hydrate with a Purpose)?

AA:  I have been a Jamberry Nails consultant for almost five years! M Global and Jamberry joined forces a few months ago and I fell in LOVE with the products they offer! Now, I get to share my love of beauty with Jamberry AND my love for these amazing Stiks with M all under one main umbrella!

QC: What made you want to start selling M stiks?

AA:  Since January of this year, I have been on a weight loss/health journey. I started becoming more conscious about what I put in my body and started seeing amazing results. I had many friends and family members come to me asking for guidance on how to start their own health journey, and I soon found a passion for helping others get healthy and become more confident throughout the process. I was looking for a company or a way for me to incorporate this new passion into my life, but everything I found was a strict routine, had a high start up cost, or were just shakes/smoothies – which is great for some, but didn’t feel like ME. Literally at the almost same time as this search, M combined with my company, Jamberry, and I knew it was meant to be.

QC: What is your “sell” (i.e. what do you tell people about M to convince them to give it a try)?

AA:  These Stiks are unlike anything on the market, and there is truly something for everyone! From energy, to a brain boost, to a super powerful antioxidant, each person can find one (or FIVE) Stiks they love.  They taste amazing, they’re safe, and they WORK. We utilize a patented Rapid Dispersion Technology which makes the awesome ingredients get absorbed quicker so you feel results right away. The price point is also attractive – the fact that you can get one of each stik (5 total) for $10 has really been popular!

QC: How has M made a difference in your life (physically/ mentally/ professionally)?

AA:  Physically, I’ve lost over 20 pounds with Trim (the appetite control Stik) and have managed to KEEP it off – I feel so healthy, and I am so glad my business promotes all around health. However, the mental growth since I have joined this company has been mind blowing. Not only do I get to work from home and share amazing products with people all over the world, but I get to help other people do the same! I have a team of over 100 women working alongside me, and they have become some of my very best friends. Professionally, I have gained confidence and very unique leadership skills being in charge of such a large team practically all online. While interviewing for jobs and for pharmacy school, professors were very interested in my job and it makes for awesome conversations!

QC: If you could only share one story or pro about M, what would it be?

AA:  There are countless testimonials about each of our products, so it is hard to choose just one. I would say the one “pro” about M is that it is so brand NEW & fresh. There is something for everyone truly! Each person I have shared M with has been intrigued and fallen in love with AT LEAST one Stik. You won’t have 10 Facebook friends selling it, and you most likely will not even find one person who sells it or has even heard of it!! This opportunity is like no other, and I am so glad to be part of a brand new company. We are growing so rapidly – we already have an over 80% return rate and are on track for over 50 million in sales in just our second year! I get so giddy thinking about the future of this company.

QC: Besides being an M consultant, what do you like to do in your free time?

AA: Well, being in Pharmacy school, I don’t have MUCH free time. With what I do have, I enjoy playing with my dog, trying out new restaurants with my friends, and attempting to make healthy versions of my favorite unhealthy foods!

QC: Do you have a mantra or quote you live by?

AA: “Comparison is the death of all joy, and the only person you need to be better than is the one you were yesterday.”
– Rachel Hollis


Alyssa was kind enough to send me the trial pack of M stiks and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. So far my two favorites are smart and go. I’m so happy to have connected with Alyssa and learned more about M. Can you believe the company isn’t even 3 years old yet? I have a feeling we will be hearing much more about M and I know Alyssa will surely continue to have a big part in that! Visit her website to learn more about the stiks.

✌️ Katie C. 

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