Alana Whitmarsh: Fab, Fit Fiancée

Alana Whitmarsh is a Key Account Customer Support Associate at W. L. Gore & Associates. She lives with her hockey loving, soon to be husband, John. Alana graduated from Saint Joseph’s University with a degree in Food Marketing and Leadership. At her job, Alana acts as a liaison for the customer between the business and the field sales. In layman’s terms, she ensure all sales operations run smoothly. Aside from her full time job, Alana as works as a Beachbody coach. She’s a great advocate for the program and loves sharing new workouts and recipes! When she’s not working, Alana enjoys spending time with her fiancé, John, and her family. She loves attending hockey games at Wells Fargo and shopping with her mom. In case her schedule wasn’t busy enough, Alana just started teaching Kindergarten CCD at her local church. During her downtime (when is that?!) Alana is just a normal millennial catching up on her favorites tv shows.


For the next part in our interview series, we spoke with Alana Whitmarsh, who currently works (outside of her full time job) as a Beachbody Health & Fitness Coach. This soon to be bride considers her spirit animal to be a fox and is obsessed with Trader Joe’s like the rest of us (Alana suggests you check out the outrageous gnocchi options happening there). Her favorite workout day is leg day, and she loves fall and all the pumpkins, leaves, and good treats it has to offer! We sat down with Alana to learn more about her side hustle as a Beachbody coach and how she’s preparing for her upcoming wedding.

Quiet Curiosity: How did you learn about Beachbody?

Alana Whitmarsh: A lot of people learned about Beachbody far sooner than they realize. I did my first program in high school on and off when my mom ordered Insanity with Shaun T. But I really got into it about a year after graduation when an old friend of mine introduced me to it and asked me to join her group. I truthfully didn’t hesitate because she is someone I’ve always trusted in this area!

QC: What made you want to start working with Beachbody?

AW: I started as a Beachbody coach because I wanted to buy my Superfoods at a discount! I really started coaching later in the summer of 2017!

QC: What is your best advice for someone considering Beachbody?

AW: Just jump in! A lot of people waste so much time wavering back and forth over the money which in theory is NOT that much and they regret not starting sooner. But, ultimately, everyone has to be starting at the right time for them.

QC: How do you encourage the other women you work with in Beachbody/how do they encourage you?

AW: The women in my Fit Club are constantly being encouraged through daily posts in our team pages and in private conversations with their own coach. The women on my team of coaches are a constant network of support. We have been there for each through everything – miscarriages, engagements, marital struggles, death, weddings – the good the bad you name it! We celebrate victories together and be there as support when times are a bit tough! Our team is primarily women and after my experience in Delta Sigma Pi, I would say that my team is like the adult version of a sorority but without the bullshit drama

QC: Beachbody often promotes Shakeology products. What is the biggest benefit (s) of Shakeology and what is your favorite flavor/recipe?

AW: I am currently loving Shakeology’s Limited Pumpkin Spice Vegan – they really did it right! I 100% planned on canceling my shakeology auto-order after my first month and, as I said before, I didn’t and that’s why I became a “discount” coach! Even so, I needed more than just a yummy shake to justify the cost for myself. I researched every single ingredient in the superfood shake and I can’t say enough about the ingredients! For me, the biggest benefit is not the ingredients though – it’s the ease of making my breakfast in the morning! I’ve been living off of a green apple & Shakeo every week day morning! I would say the biggest nutritional benefits are the many ingredients that contain Vitamin C. I only got sick this year after I stopped drinking my shakeology for 4 days. But, that being said shakeology is a great nutritional supplement, but the Beachbody performance line is an amazing add to my diet to enhance my workout experience and expedite results!

QC: How has Beachbody made a difference in your life (physically/mentally/professionally)?

AW: Mentally, Beachbody is a huge advocate of personal development whether it be through reading, podcasts, or audio books. When I make the time for it, doing these things absolutely betters my day and helps me in life & business! Also, the women who’ve come before me keep me sane!

Professionally, Beachbody has afforded me the opportunity to hear to some of the industry’s foremost speakers for virtually nothing. It’s also helped John and I have a little extra spending money for things we may not normally be able to purchase!

Physically, after going through a dramatic separation from my college track team I developed an unhealthy relationship with working out. But, Beachbody has helped me restore nearly 100% of that confidence! I have learned so much about my body and, although I may not have the same physique as 19 year old me, I eat 10x healthier for important things like gut health and natural energy.

QC: You are a bride to be, and a very organized one at that! What advice do you have for newly engaged couples or brides-to-be as they approach their wedding date?

AW: Lean on the people you can! There are absolutely people that will suck through this whole process that you expected to show up for you! Move on from that, invest in the people who invest their time in you and lean on them for help! You cannot do it all! Also, always continue to date your fiancé. I love that I can still say – “as long as I’m married to John at the end of the day I will be happy!” I’m proud that I haven’t gotten sucked into the “wedding” madness and we still focus on us!

QC: Do you have a mantra or quote you live by?

AW: It is what it Is! This keeps coming up no matter how old I get and I think it’s so good to remember! There comes a point where you can’t change an outcome and you’ve done everything you can to prepare and therefore – it is what it is!


Thank you Alana, for sharing your tips and tricks with us! Personally, Alana has really helped me with balance in my life, lately. She is a great person to turn to for advice for accountability and showing up for YOU!

✌️ Katie C.

We recently paired with Alana for a Target giveaway! Follow Alana for more fun giveaways, wedding tips, and fitness advice. You can find her on Instagram @awhit12 .


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